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October 1st, 2014

Saving Grace by Sandy Thrush

Genre: Fiction

Title: Saving Grace

Author: Sandy Thrush

Book Publisher: Just-For-Fun Publishing, LLC

Year: 2008

Summary: Saving Grace is the story of Grace, whose torture existence pushed her to drastic measures of attempted suicide. What follows is a ninety-day court-committal to a state mental hospital, a diagnosis of Multiple Personality/Dissociative Disorder, a degrading transport to the facility, and divorce papers. Her distorted concept of God receives yet another blow as she faces a failed marriage, and in her opinion a worthless life. As her feelings of self worth plunge, she is haunted by tormenting memories of an abused life. Convinced her fractured past, with all its atrocities, is proof of her guilt and deserving punishment from God, she feels hopeless. But, God had not turned His back on her. He stayed, even when He was not invited. When she refused to see Him in the circumstances of her choices, He continued to bring people into her life. Grace slowly embraces the truth of God’s unconditional love and mercy, and forgives herself and those who abused her. She discovers the joy of a new start to a life of purpose and service.

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