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June 2nd, 2015

Rainedrops From Heaven, by Raine Carter

Genre: Spiritual

Title: Rainedrops from Heaven

Author: Raine Carter

Book Publisher: Balboa Press, Division of Hay House Publishing

Year: 2015

Summary: Raine, spiritual medium, freely shares experiences from both her own and client facilitation with those energies on the other side of the veil. Raine introduces past lives that include personal recall as well as facilitating her clients whilst under clinical hypnosis, revealing glimpses of past life recall. This is an opportunity for the reader to deepen their understanding on these subjects. For those looking for spiritual guidance and validation, this book will open yearnings within you for more knowledge of your spiritual potential. This is a very inspiring book will take the reader on a spiritual journey discovering the possibilities of life after death. It is one of the most remarkable books I have found. – author Ila France Porcher This is a wonderful book for any spiritual traveller, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. – author William Speir

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