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December 3rd, 2013

Our World in Poetry, Book 1: News Today is History Tomorrow by JerriFaye Thomason (Genre: Intl. News Poetry)

Genre: International News Poetry

Title: Our World in Poetry, Book 1: News Today is History

Author: JerriFaye Thomason

Book Publisher: Strategic Book Group

Year: 2011

Summary: Inspired by national and international current events, Our World in Poetry: Today’s News Is Tomorrow’s History is an illuminating and honest look at the trials and tribulations of our times. JerriFaye Thomason brings a keen sense of observation and thought to her poems, which are enhanced with pictures that capture their historical outlook. This collection provides a unique yet accessible and universal perspective to the issues facing our world. Against the backdrop of history, these poems will resonate for the reader in a lasting and profound way that speaks to our past, present, and future. About the Author: JerriFaye Thomason lives in Vincennes, Indiana. Her inspiration to write comes from her mother who read poetry to her for as far back as she can remember, creating a safe haven and giving her the world of words, imagination, and dreams. For a little girl with Cerebral Palsy, this laid the foundation to be a poet. Working on the sequel to Our World in Poetry, it continues the lyrical examination of current events and world issues.

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