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November 3rd, 2014

English Magic by R. Royale

Genre: English as a Second Language (ESL) Handbook

Title: English Magic

Author: R. Royale

Book Publisher: CreateSpace

Year: 2014

Summary: English Magic was created and written by R. Royale. The author has an abundance of experience living and teaching this very unique oral spoken English skill overseas in China. His methods has been put into this self-help handbook for the English second language learners. The book ONLY teaches the oral verbal English communication skills in a natural and easier way. Readers will learn how to speak the “American Popular” English language better and faster within 90 days guaranteed! By using English Magic, you’ll find it’s the best possible way to improve the second language learners’ spoken ability through the English cultural environment. And it works without a doubt! English Magic will be their guide to greater English spoken proficiency as well as quicker fluency. This amazing discovery was developed and has been proven in the grade-schools, universities, in vocational training facilities, and in workplaces all around China.

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