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November 3rd, 2014

Dakota Gold by Karen Wilson

Genre: Fiction

Title: Dakota Gold

Author: Karen Wilson

Book Publisher: iUniverse LLC

Year: 2014

Summary: Karen’s husband Billy takes her to a farm where she finds Rusty and his dad, Dakota, two beautiful golden retrievers. Both dogs have boundless energy and loyalty. Karen takes Rusty home with her, and teaches him patience, love and trust. The two go outside to play and walk every day. Rusty finds joy in everything from his food to his bacon treats to a ladder rope that provides him with endless games of tug-of-war. He is gentle and even saves a bunny rabbit from harm. The dog makes friends with everyone, including a calk. Rusty adores his older adopted brother Chester, a collie. When Chester passes away, Karen gives Rusty even more love. She spends twelve wondrous years with Rusty, and he’ll always have a special place in her heart.

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