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July 17th, 2015

Dr. Liz Zafra-Evans, Doctor of Natural Health

Dr. Liz Zafra-Evans, Doctor of Natural Health, has been selected as an Honored Member of the Covington Who’s Who Executive and Professional Registry. The selection recognizes Dr. Liz Zafra-Evans’ commitment to excellence in Healthcare.

Becoming certified as a Doctor of Natural Health, Dr. Zafra-Evans began her career in healthcare in 2005. Opening a natural health center to help people in a holistic, tri-dimensional way in body, mind, and spirit by using 100% natural, non-invasive therapies, detoxification therapies, diet, and nutrition and life coaching, she believes that after practicing as an allopathic conventional doctor in native country of Colombia, South America was what led her down this path.

“I experienced first-hand side effects of pharmaceutical medicines,” Dr. Zafra-Evans said. “I also gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom in human anatomy, physiology, semiology, and pathology that I could never have mastered had I not become a medical doctor. I now am able to offer the knowledge of both conventional and complementary medicines.”

Dr. Zafra-Evans has since created her own herbal blend formulas that she wishes to share with the world. She also participates in educational seminars, and has written two books: ‘Mastering your Health with Mainstream Medicine and Complementary Alternative Naturopathy’; and ‘God’s Green Pharmacy’.

Dr. Zafra-Evans holds an MD from the Unilibre Cali Colombia and an NMD in Natural Medicine from Arkansas College of Natural Health. She is a member of National Association of Professional Women, was featured in ‘Natural Health Victoria Connection’ magazine, and was named Best Business of Natural Health by the City of Victoria, Texas in 2007.